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Bottom Closure

  • The boxes are also called as Snap Lock boxes and are more secure than tuck end boxes. The boxes are very popular due to their strength at the bottom.  Assembling the boxes is also easy. The bottom flaps are connected securely and it ensures extra strength with the help of a second flap.
  • Auto bottom tray has different uses and retailers use it as a tray for displaying a variety of products. We can also say them the presentation boxes. They are available in a rectangular and they placed over the store counters. Most commonly, we use Kraft to make the boxes are an ideal counter top display and many retailers use these boxes for shelf presentation.
  • The boxes are highly functional and have an auto bottom that you can extend into a flat shape. These boxes are easy to assemble and are the perfect choice when it comes to shipping. The boxes are the top choice of retailers because they are great for storage and display.
  • Get an attractive and reliable packaging for your product. We offer you seal end auto bottom packages to meet your needs. You will not only get the packaging but you can also promote your products. The boxes can secure your products with sufficient sealing and make them look appealing. Add style and grace to your products with the help of this tray. It is safe and offers a secure and durable packaging solution. They are commonly used in packing cosmetics and other consumable items. We can provide you the packaging in different colors, shapes, and sizes.  
  • It is a tuck end box without bottom closure. There is a friction lock at the top panel and tuck in the tab so this packaging is ideal for delicate items. You can take it as a cover of a tray, which provides more protection. We offer you tuck end cover with a display area to highlight your products like software, food items, and cosmetics, make up items, pharmaceutical products, software products, tech items and CDs.
  • We make the best quality bottle boxes for expensive drinks like whisky, gin, and wine, etc. We can produce boxes of different sizes to accommodate your needs. Our customers can give us the specifications and we will make the boxes accordingly. We create the boxes exactly to the needs of customers. We will make your brand famous and popular. You can also say that our boxes will be the promotion boxes for your brand.
  • These boxes have an auto lock at the bottom. The display tuck panel lid has a bit more space and the lid has a crease in the middle so that it can easily fold up to flat shape. These boxes have the same design as the auto bottom style. The display tuck panel lid is the thing this is available in this style but it is not present in the auto bottom style. You can fold the bottom and body of the box in the flat shape.  The box will restore automatically to its shape when it will stretch.
  • We make Handle Bag Shape boxes in a rectangular from the sides and bottom. We can also make them in the shape of a bag. We use rigid or flexible cardboard to make the boxes.  We add the handle at the top with an incision for easy carrying of the products. These bag shaped boxes have paperboard walls. We can also make the walls with any other flexible material. It has a top place to hold and it is possible to open and close the flap. There is a slot at the upper part of the box so that it is easy to carry the box with the items present inside.
  • We offer a unique way of packing multiple bottles in a single package. Our Six PK Bottle Carrier packaging is very popular and customers show their high demand for them. This packaging enables you to carry 6 bottles of different products like beverages, milk, soda, wine, medicines, etc. together. We make the carrier and add holes at the bottom to hold the bottles and make the shipping easy too. To ensure the safety of the bottles and prevent breakage, we make the boxes with high-grade material.
  • Tuck with Below End Flap Lock is the best kind of packaging for the products of different sizes. You can choose this packaging for small to medium sized products and protect them from the damage and the dust. We make the boxes with a lid having a dust flap Lock to keep the product safe from the dust. Our boxes are functional and successfully give maximum dust protection with the help of customary dust flap boxes. The boxes are easy to handle and carry.